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Welcome to our Spring Lawn Care Checklist! As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, it's time to give your lawn the attention it deserves. In this guide, we'll walk you through each step of spring lawn maintenance, offering practical tips and clever hacks along the way to ensure your lawn thrives throughout the season.

Step 1: Assess Your Lawn's Condition

Before diving into spring maintenance, take a moment to assess your lawn's current state. Look for patchy areas, compacted soil, weeds, and signs of pests or diseases. Understanding your lawn's needs will help you tailor your maintenance plan.

Lawn Hack: Use a soil thermometer to check soil temperature, when considering lawn care activities such as overseeding or aerating, the optimal range typically falls between 13°C to 16°C (55°F to 60°F). This range is suitable for promoting seed germination and root growth, as well as facilitating the effectiveness of aeration processes. Therefore, you should aim to perform these tasks when soil temperatures are within this range for best results.
Montrose Landscapes - Lawn hack using a soil thermometer.

Step 2: Rake and Remove Debris

Start by raking your lawn to remove debris, dead leaves, and thatch. This allows for better air circulation and prevents fungal growth, setting the stage for healthy grass growth.

Raking Hack: Make lawn cleanup easier by laying a tarp down before raking. As you rake, debris collects on the tarp, making it simple to gather and transport in one go. When finished, lift the edges of the tarp to create a bundle, and easily dispose of the debris without the need for multiple trips.
Montrose Landscapes - Raking hack using a tarp.

Step 3: Aerate the Soil

Compacted soil can hinder root growth and water absorption. Aerating your lawn alleviates soil compaction and promotes healthier root development, leading to a more vibrant lawn.

Soil Tip: Rent a core aerator for larger lawns or use a manual aerator for smaller areas. Focus on high-traffic areas and compacted soil patches.
Montrose Landscaes - Lawn care hacks using an aerator.

Step 4: Seed or Overseed Bare Patches

Spring is ideal for seeding or overseeding bare patches in your lawn. Choose high-quality grass seed and ensure proper seed-to-soil contact for optimal germination and a thicker, more uniform lawn.

Lawn Seeding Hack: Mix grass seed with compost to create a nutrient-rich topdressing for better seed-to-soil contact and faster germination.

Step 5: Apply Spring Fertiliser

Give your lawn a nutrient boost with a spring fertiliser application. Choose a balanced formula with a higher nitrogen content to promote green growth and overall health.

Lawn Fertiliser Tip: Choose a slow-release fertiliser to provide continuous nutrients throughout the growing season and avoid the risk of burning your lawn.

Step 6: Water Deeply and Infrequently

Proper watering is crucial for a healthy lawn. Water deeply and infrequently to encourage deep root growth and drought tolerance. Water early in the morning to reduce evaporation and fungal diseases.

Lawn Watering Hack: Place empty tuna cans around your lawn while watering to measure the depth of water penetration. Aim for 1-1.5 inches of water per week.

Step 7: Implement Weed Control

Stay ahead of weeds by implementing a proactive weed control strategy. Use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weed seeds from germinating and spot-treat existing weeds as needed.

Lawn Weeding Tip: Apply weed preventer early in the season to stop weed seeds from germinating, but avoid using it in areas where you plan to sow grass seed.
Montrose Landscapes - Lawn weeding tips.

Step 8: Maintain Mowing Height

Adjust your mower blades to the appropriate height for spring mowing, typically around 2-3 inches. Regular mowing encourages healthy growth and helps prevent weed proliferation.

Lawn Mowing Hack: Set your mower blades to the highest recommended height for your grass type to promote deep root growth and shade out weeds.

Final Thoughts

By following these eight steps, along with the accompanying quick tips and hacks, you can set your lawn up for success and enjoy a vibrant, thriving outdoor space throughout the spring season. Remember that consistent maintenance and attention to detail are key to achieving a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of.

Montrose Landscapes - Tips and hacks for a perfect lawn.
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